Friday, February 8, 2013

Self Made Family

One of the advantages of getting out into the world early is meeting tons of people and in my life it's been a virtual merry-go-round of good people, interesting people, complete morons, down right crazy people and sub humanoids.

One of the most fortunate things to ever happen to me was the chance meeting of my very best good friend Michelle :D We met in a lame high school drama class and developed a very close bond that some have called co-dependent (but they're just jealous) We have been through some serious shit together and I would burn a bitch AND her kids alive inside their house for this girl, What I'm trying to say is don't fuck with my best friend.

My BFF can easily take the place of 6 or 7 maybe even 55 family members so maybe thats why when my extra flaky family decides to act out it doesn't devastate me so much as just wear me out and make me want to knock heads together.

I wish everybody was as lucky as I have been in life to have real people stand by them. Some people are surrounded by 700 Judases and zero ride or die bitches ( HA! HA! Yeah I called you that!) I have Shell who for, I can't even began to mention my affection and, how many times she has saved my life. My Jerkface cousin Shawn who has pulled me through some shit and had to listen to whine and beg him to help me run away/talk me down countless times in my younger days (Also how did he not strangle me in missouri??) and of course my husband who I swear has to be sent by some weird god of mercy. He is the most unbelieveably close thing you can to the perfect husband and I'm not bullshitting. Sometimes I just look at him and think what the fuck??? I mean he's still a Jackass, he's a man but come on.... I had to do something right, somewhere to get him.

Anyway I just wanted to give love to my supporting cast, the people always there when i'm in shambles. There are others too but these three have been there for decades and Still trudge on. They deserve a Medal. Much Love Bros


  1. I <3 you!!! I think we're both fortunate to have found each other!!